Ultimate List of Names for Siamese Fighting Fish

Frequently new betta owners can’t think of what to name their new little fishy friend. The choices are practically endless. You could spend countless hours trying to decide what to name your betta by brainstorming, asking friends, Googling, and posting questions on forums. Finally for the first time (that we are aware of anyway), someone (us) has done the painstaking study to determine just what are the most popular names among betta owners. The good news is that there are many. The not so good news is there are still lots, so you will still need to make a decision. However, this handy list should help you with inspiration and make that decision easier.

The suggestions are organized into these categories:
Female Names
Male Names
Color Inspired Names
Water Names
Fishy Names
Funny Cute Names
Asian Names
Famous Names in History

And a few other sources of fun names like cartoons, movies and celebrities.

Female Names
For your lady betta fish a girl name might be just right, but not just any popular female name, it should be a name that is somehow suited to your little betta. Here are the girl names that seem to be most popular among betta keepers.

A     Amanda, Andrea, Annie, Amy, Andy
B     Brea, Bubbles, Betty, Buffy, Bessie
C     Cassie, Cathy, Colbie, Crocus, Carly
D     Debbie, Dody, Daisy, Delila, Dallilah
E     Emma, Elisa, Emily, Elizabeth, Evina
F     Finny, Fenna, Fishy, Folina, Foila
G     Gillian, Gazella, Gracie, Grace, Gwen
H     Heather, Hazy, Helen, Helga, Hope
I     Iris, Irene, Indy, Izzy, Iza
J     Jessie, Jamie, Jezebel, Jewel, Jasmine
K     Katie, Kelly, Kyra, Kylie, Kellia
L     Lioness, Lizz, Lisa, Lorraine, Lucy, Lulu
M     Maggie, Marie, Missy, Miranda, Meave
N     Nicky, Naina, Nobia, Nilina, Nicole
O     Olivia, Olive, Ollie, Olina, Omy
P     Paula, Pebbles, Pollu, Parisa, Pearl
Q     Quil, Queen, Quera, Quilla, Quala
R     Rose, Rebeca, Rachel, Roxy, Romy
S     Sabrina, Stella,Star, Straw, Suzie
T     Tina, Teby, Tharma, Tamra, Tee
U     Umaria, Uma, Ulie
V     Veronica, Venessa, Vinnie, Vivian, Volly
W     Wendy, Wanda, Windy, Wolla, Wallie
X     Xena, Xenia, Xact
Y     Yashi, Yellow, Yale, Yardy
Z     Zeba, Zinnia

Male Names
Ditto for male names, there are so many to choose from but betta fish hobbyists have some preferences.

A     Alex, Archie, Astor, Andy, Astor
B     Ben, Boy, Bravo, Bingo, Bennie
C     Cliff, Craig, Clutter, Carlton, Carlos
D     Dino, Domino, Dave, Dony, Donald
E     Ewan, Ed, Eddie, Ervin, Edward
F     Fred, Freddie, Fab, Flicker, Frank
G     Gems, Georgie, Gallas, Greg, Gollum
H     Hippie, Happy, Hagar, Harley, Henry
I     Isaac, Ivan, Ishmael, Iggy, Igor
J     Jughead, Jake, Jimmyfish, James
K     Kyle, Kevin, Kepler, Killer, Kobe
L     Luke, Leo, Lyle, Lee, Louie
M     Malibu, Max, Melvin, Mack, Mike
N     Nate, Nero, Nemo, Nadir, Neser
O     Oliver, Odie, Ollie, Obie, Orlando
P     Pepper, Peppy, Pappy, Pogo, Pal
Q     Quicker, Quake, Quint, Quazimoto, Quero
R     Rudy, Ron, Razor, Rex, Reboot
S     Sandy, Silver, Storm, Spottie, Stripe
T     Taylor, Tim, Tick, T-bone, Ted
U     Uttley, Unstable, Ungo, Unger, Undo
V     Victor, Van, Viva, Vince, Vanuchi
W     Wxy, Willie, William, Wave, Wobble
X     X-ray, Xano, Xelo, Xenon, Xeroxy
Y     Yogi, Yaz, Yuri, Yassar, You
Z     Zero, Zoltan, Z-Boy, Zeus, Zoro

Color Names
Given the variety of colors of bettas color names tend to be often chosen. It is enjoyable to dream up unique color influenced names and here are some favorite ones.

Multi-color Inspired Names    Marble, Rainbow, Skittles
White Inspired Names    Ghost, Spirit, Wisp
Yellow Inspired Names    Sunny, Goldie, Sunshine
Black Inspired Names    Stealth
Blue Inspired Names    Bluefish, Bluberry, Blue-be-do
Red Inspired Names    Ruby, Red, Rosy
Crowntail Inspired Names    King, Crowny, Crowntail, Cosmo

Water Names
Because they are fish (duh), water is somewhat important and water names are a little bit fun. Favorites include:
Aqua, Bubbles, Puddles, Tsunami, Wave

Fishy Names
Regardless of the fact that they are littl guys doesn’t mean they aren’t aggressive so some owners go for a handle fitting their personality such as:
Barracuda, Jaws, Shark

Funny/Cute Names
On the other hand they are such cute little guys that a cute name might seem to fit better as in:
Alpha, Bait, Bitsy, Chip, Chips, Chompy, Chompers, Fang, Kibble, Max, Nibbles, Nippy, Pickles, Snappy, Snappers, Speedo, Squirt, Tidbit

Asian Names
Given that they come from Asia an Asian inspired name might be fun. Here are some of the top ones:
Akio (Japanese “bright boy”)
Kaida (Japanese “little dragon”)
Nami (Japanese “wave”)
Narak (Thai “cute”)
Oki (Japanese “ocean centered”)
Suki (Japanese “beloved”)
Yai (Thai “big”)
Yak (Thai “giant”)
Yasuo (Japanese “peaceful one”)
Yoshe (Japanese “beauty”)

Famous Names from History
DaVinci, Einstein, Galileo, Leonardo, Monet, Mozart, Newton, Pablo, Picasso
…there is practically not end to this list.

Cartoon and Movie Names
A seemingly unlimited number of names from  your favorite movie or cartoon.

Celebrity Names
Yeah, pretty obvious, just choose your favorite.

Rock Band Names
Again, so many to choose from and it all depends on your taste in music.

So there you have the great list of names to inspire you in naming your betta. Choose wisely!

55 Responses to “Ultimate List of Names for Siamese Fighting Fish”

  1. krystal Says:

    my yellow betta is named scrambles

  2. BigBetta Says:

    As in eggs? That’s cute.

  3. kathrine Says:

    Gilburt is a good name too!!! ^^

  4. ishmael Says:

    lots of my friends thought that the name ishmael was a rubish name for a fish

  5. Jopie Says:

    I called my bloodred male Betta ‘Chi’.
    Japanese for ‘blood’
    Since it’s RED and a FIGHTING fish….

  6. Bettabuddy Says:

    Dr. Leonardo Defishy

  7. Michelle Says:

    a Crowntail named Captain :)

  8. courtnaaaay Says:

    ”I shall call him squishy and he shall be my squishy, come on squishy come here”
    cutest thing -nemo- <3

  9. Ethan Uy Says:

    You should really include Blu ’cause thats the name of my super cute betta

  10. Ethan Uy Says:

    I also have a fish named Jewel

  11. Brianna Says:

    I named my purple/pink betta fish bubbles and my brother named his blue fish Blue-be-do. And we got it from this website

  12. Allison Says:

    I’m Gonna name my fish Fido

  13. zibbles Says:

    pebbles betta rosebud trysta trystal juliet

  14. Luke Says:

    I had a male and a female bigfin and smallfin bigfin being the male and small fin being the female

  15. DYMOND Says:

    My kids named my male betta fish Ninja LOL

  16. CLB Says:

    Bubbles OoOooOOOOoo0ooo0o

  17. kayla Says:

    I have resaerchd in depth on bettas (i am a little insane ) and really have no idea what 2 name them when i get a new 1. my 1 1 was dooler a plakata male and then amber a red vail tail and kipper another male. my youngest is yuuki a crown taild red silver and black male. see i am not good w names. we r getting 4 girls soon but i need help naming them!!!!!! if u have anything plz post.

  18. Lisa Says:

    I named my cute little Betta fish – Link! After the video game character. :D

  19. julie Says:

    I named my male beta Senshi, it means Warrior in japanese.

  20. Lisa Says:

    I also have a cute new little Betta that I named – Peanut! :D

  21. Abby Says:

    I named my Betta Bubbles cuz when she spits out lil bubbles

  22. Hailey Says:

    I have NO idea what to name my little fishie you have so man great names

  23. Sophie Says: Says:

    Hi,I named my male Betta shoeshine

  24. Caitlyn Says:

    I just had to give mine a fighting name, so i chose Kapow like they use in comic books

  25. Lisa Says:

    I have two more new cute little fighter fish named Button & Piglet! :D :D

  26. Ripchuckster Says:

    My red crown tail was called Chucky (after Chuck Norris) he developed dropsy and died today. RIP Chucky.

  27. paige Says:

    my boyfriend called his viper and it suits him

  28. rose Says:

    i like the name superfin

  29. rose Says:

    nightmare moon
    midnight fury

  30. Micah Says:

    I named mine Anime, I was tryin’ to be unique. Is their a way I can post new names?

  31. lilly bob lmao Says:

    TODAY my grandma bought me a crowntail betta, He is blueish green then fades into a purplish color and his fins are red! so I’ve decided to name him “Alpha ” because he seems pretty alpha-ish to me! Lol ????

  32. joe Says:


  33. cute Says:

    i thought of the name Fluffy. a baby
    who thinks cool???
    she;s white and little bit red on her tail.
    (I think its a girl) we call it a girl cuz its cute!
    bigger older one, Harley is black and orange.
    :p hope its right. :p
    aka, liked your names too, Betta Splendens :D

  34. marnie Says:

    mines blade

  35. grammydonna Says:

    My new red male betta is nosey, has to always know what is going on outside his tank- so I thought maybe Rudolph.

  36. gizmoxalpha Says:

    i name my fish alpha bez he is very aggressior and try to be touger and he is a alpha male like my chihuahua mix. they are both gorgeous fish and dog i owned them.;)

  37. Booberry Supriem Says:

    She is a blue betta fish
    And my red one is Red Riot…

  38. feather123 Says:

    I named my blue Veiltail fish Oki. Thanks for the idea!

  39. Rose Says:

    My bettas in order of when I got them…
    Razzmatazz (“Taz”)
    Mister EpicFishington (“Epic”)

    I currently own the last nine on this list. The others all died of old age, with the exception of Taz, who died of fin rot with me be his side.

    RIP Bubbles, Lucy, Stanton,, and Taz </3

  40. sudarshan Says:

    i named my betta as barry bones- a character in temple run

  41. ryback220 Says:

    I’m getting two betta fish for my birthday. I want to name my male(if red or blue or both) Spider-man and the female will be Mary Jane. Cuz ya’ know… Spider-man and Mary Jane!

  42. ryback220 Says:

    Or I’ll name the Oliver and Olivia.

  43. neveragain3677 Says:

    I like Spider-man. And I’m getting 2. A male and a female. So if the male is red or blue(mainly red) He will be Spider-man. For my girl she will be Mary Jane. Spider-man Fandom!!!!!!

  44. Gregbjunior Says:

    I named my crowntail betta Kaida he’s small and has a redish whitish tint somewhat sort of like a dragon

  45. theJRK Says:

    I havr 2 the malr “Betta Fett” and the girl is Catherine Betta Jones

  46. Charlie eskamar Says:

    I now named my fish big juicy and my male is Bobby wasabie

  47. charles mcsquigglesmith Says:

    I had a maroon betta named Harvimar, he died yesterday, so I got a new blue one and named him Xenon

  48. best beta friend Says:

    thank you i actully picked one of these purfect names i named it zeus thanks for the help!

  49. FISH LOVER!!!!! Says:

    i am calling one of my fish SUSHI and i don’t know about the other one ;) :p

  50. Joanna Says:

    I have a male betta he is blue. I names him nippy pickles I think that that is a funny name

  51. Franklin Says:

    I named as Fabi for female and Fizer for male…. Ha haa…

  52. popcorngirl38 Says:

    I named mine name pop

  53. popcorn loves betta Says:

    mine is a blue betta

  54. Cleolee Says:

    I shall name my two fish! Girl-Tammy and Boy-Isaac

  55. chrishtina naughter Says:

    these are very cute names and i have also a siamese fighting fish and i’m gonna keep his/her names from here!!!!

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