27 March

Raising Betta Fish Breeding Stock

An article in the Thai wisdom series by bettasplendens.com that brings you tips and commentary from Thai betta breeders.

At the betta fish farms in Thailand we take some special steps and make a number of observations when selecting breeding stock. Because betta fish are aggressive with fighting behavior they must be isolated when 1.5 to 2 months old. They can be raised in a variety of containers such as bottles or flat sided jars. Keeping them separate will allow those that develop slightly slower to avoid injury due to attack from more rapidly growing bettas. Read the rest of this entry »

20 July

Ultimate List of Names for Siamese Fighting Fish

Frequently new betta owners can’t think of what to name their new little fishy friend. The choices are practically endless. You could spend countless hours trying to decide what to name your betta by brainstorming, asking friends, Googling, and posting questions on forums. Finally for the first time (that we are aware of anyway), someone (us) has done the painstaking study to determine just what are the most popular names among betta owners. The good news is that there are many. The not so good news is there are still lots, so you will still need to make a decision. However, this handy list should help you with inspiration and make that decision easier. Read the rest of this entry »